The Showcase has been an annual event on the PHN calendar, allowing PHNs from across the country to come together to learn and share their commissioning experiences. This year the event is being hosted by the NSW/ACT Commissioning Network with the support of Rebbeck. It is designed on the premise of “by PHNs for PHNs” to ensure that themes and topics remain contemporary in the Australian context of health care commissioning and there are opportunities to learn in a collegial environment. The design of the program aligns industry-leading keynote speakers with four themes across international commissioning excellence which is then translated into the PHN context via PHN presentations and interactive workshops.

Showcasing the best innovations in PHN commissioning

  • Listening to the feedback from participants at the yearly National PHN Commissioning Innovation Showcase, it has been fantastic to hear the connections that have been made, the ideas that were shared and the conversations that have been started.
  • At Rebbeck, we are still buzzing with ideas about how the learnings from the event can be practically applied to improve outcomes and experiences for the populations you serve across Australia.
  • This year we had to upgrade to a larger venue due to the increase in interest from PHN’s across the whole of Australia, and was again sold out. We spent the two days of learning at he Rydges Hotel in Newcastle, beautifully located along the water.
  • Over 120 participants were blessed with fine weather, scenic views, fantastic entertainment and a packed agenda of thought-provoking presentations that brought to life the innovative commissioning work that has been going on across the country.

The 2023 Showcase Agenda

Momentum – Accelerating outcomes and equity through commissioning

The event agenda is designed by PHNs for PHNs, based on the outputs of our national PHN Pulse Check Survey. This year, we are covering the four themes of:

  • System Reform and Leadership
  • Commissioning with Partners
  • Value-Based Commissioning
  • Streamlining PHN Commissioning

Thank you to everyone who supported this year’s Showcase

We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone involved in helping to organise and run the Showcase. We would like to pay a particularly big thank you to:

  • PHN organising committee – Thank you to Amanda Martin (HNECC), Janelle Dufty & Maya de Mattia (Murrumbidgee PHN), Katie Prior, Erica Gilbert & Nik Todorovski (WNSW PHN) and Anna Pickles (North Sydney PHN). The event would not have been possible without the huge investment of time and energy from this wonderful group of people over the last 18 months.
  • PHN speakers – Thank you for all PHN presentations and a series of PHN posters and pre-recorded videos that highlighted the fantastic innovation happening in the commissioning space across the country. The room was rumbling with ideas and shared learning, and the PHN presenters embodied the ethos of ‘by PHNs for PHNs’.


The event was proudly sponsored by Cemplicity, Health Services Daily, Health Roundtable, DCI Consulting Group, BMP Consulting, Grancius, Precedence Health Care, eHealthier, Prestantia Health, Innowell, Healthily. The conference dinner was also supported by Cemplicity. Thank you all for your generous support, read more about them below:

    • Cemplicity is the world leader in patient reporting software and is dedicated to moving the world towards a patient-centric health system that is self-sustaining and inclusive. Since 2013, Cemplicity has expanded across New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and the UK and now operates in over 3,000 health facilities worldwide. Cemplicity works in genuine partnership with its clients; its customer service success team brings PREMs and PROMs expertise to businesses, helping to create patient-feedback programs that make a real difference. From large, complex, national, and international enterprise projects to simple, individual PROMs, Cemplicity works across the healthcare system to build software underpinned by person-centered care and quality improvement

    • Health Service Daily provides dedicated daily intelligence to the broad spectrum of health service providers across Australia. Health Service Daily believes in breaking down communication barriers
      between various parts of the health system, accelerating system reform through better idea connection, and facilitating a diverse representation of ideas. Health Service Daily balances innovative and disruptive voices, and already-established voices to create meaningful reform in the Australian health system.

    • DCI Consulting has over 15 years of experience translating academic and research insights into meaningful outcomes for populations. It was established to support Australian organisations to use health data to its fullest potential through collaboration. DCI Consulting helps organisations navigate the complexities of health data analysis, management, governance, and literacy and supports organisations with planning and evaluation activities. Using sophisticated qualitative and quantitative epidemiological research tools to identify population needs, derive strategies, and implement solutions, DCI Consulting has worked closely with providers across the primary healthcare space, including disability providers.

    • BMP Consulting helps clients problem-solve and build bridges to new visions of care by providing frank and fearless feedback, enabling them to deliver care focused on value, not volume. They deliver education and mentoring for health professionals across Australia in various areas, from clinical topics such as healthy ageing, dementia, and frailty to leadership training, team-based care, and systems for chronic disease care. BMP Consulting also has extensive experience reviewing operational eff ectiveness and efficiency, improving engagement and collaboration, and helping reduce clinical and business risks for organisations.

    • Granicus has a vision to transform how organisations and residents engage through technology, data, and a shared vision. Granicus makes it easy for organisations to inform, engage, and serve their communities with software built for today’s modern expectations. Granicus supports organisations by building websites, intranets, online forms, and workflows and facilitating two-way communication between organisations and their communities. Granicus services more than 5,500 organisations worldwide across eight office locations and over 300 million people.

    • Pecedence Health Care has a mission to deliver exceptional technology to provide extraordinary care for all. Precedence Health Care is committed to providing products that are simple, accessible, and collaborative to provide a better and healthier life for everyone. They develop solutions to put the patient at the centre of care, connect health care teams and better manage chronic disease to keep Australians well and out of hospital. Precedence Health Care’s flagship product is the INCA Integrated Care Platform, a comprehensive shared health record and care planning solution that connects patients and their care team. Precedence Health Care serves over 67,000 allied health and specialist care practitioners and 13,000 general practices.

    • Founded in 1995 as a knowledge-sharing collective, Health Roundtable draws on the experience of thousands of highly skilled clinicians and administrators across Australia and New Zealand to provide advice, deliver conferences and workshops, and innovate across the health system. Health Roundtable delivers 20+ major face-to-face conferences and workshops annually to encourage collaboration and quality improvement. They have also provided thousands of tested, evidence-based health service innovations across all areas of the health system. Health Roundtable currently services 177 hospitals and 90 health services, with over 4,000+ engaged users. They have also delivered over 10,000+ presentations relating to innovation in the health system. A membership with Health Roundtable provides extensive resources for executives and leaders, performance indicators and collaboration, patient care comparisons between peer organisations, and collaboration opportunities for innovators at all levels.

    • Prestantia Health is a unique organisation founded in 2017 in Australia to provide primary care clinical services to people with complex and chronic conditions. It has since become increasingly and almost universally focused on consultancy services with a focus on primary care and aged care. Prestantia Health’s areas of expertise include clinical leadership, quality and safety in health care, value-based health care, high-performing primary care and digital health.

    • eHealthier simplifies using and managing Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) to enable value-based healthcare (VBHC) for populations. The eHealthier platform provides data capture, data management, analysis, and reporting in a secure, easy-to-use cloud platform. The brainchild of Dr Eddie Price, the eHealthier platform was developed to help health practitioners and healthcare administrators provide holistic, value-based healthcare for their clients with measurable results. For healthcare to be successful, you need to measure what matters and set quantified goals to be achieved within a certain time. PROMs target the first 40% of what doctors do. The eHealthier platform is a next-generation system that targets the next 50% of doctor activity – relieving distress and preventing disease and disability.

    • Healthily is an Australian health technology company specialising in patient education and behaviour change. Healthily believes that everyone should have access to relevant, timely information to gain the knowledge, skills and confi dence they require to manage their health to the best of their ability. The development of Healthily’s content library, comprising hundreds of patient stories and animations, led to the creation of their content distribution platform; GoShare Healthcare. GoShare makes it easy for health professionals to send customised content bundles to patients. Their six complementary services provide health professionals and health organisations with eff ective patient education solutions to empower patients to play a more active role in their health.

    • Innowell provides research-validated digital tools and personalised insights to connect people to the support they need when they need it. Validated through real research, over several years, across 13 locations, Innowell have worked closely with the Brain and Mind Centre at The University of Sydney to build a platform for clinical practices that facilitates full patient circle-of-care cooperation with access to clinically validated instruments at any time during or between sessions and empowers administrations to better triage and escalate care. Innowell’s digital tools and technology empower people to live happier, healthier lives with access to the mental health support they need when they need it – whether it’s in the workplace or a clinic, online or offsite, day or night.
Review all the 2023 Showcase materials
  • All the event presentations and materials are available here.
  • Please do get in touch with if you have any queries.
  • For any PHN teams that couldn’t make the event this year, we would happily talk you through some of the key insights, and we are also looking at additional opportunities to share event insights to accelerate the adoption of innovative commissioning practices.