We are currently working with several PHNs and the NHS North of England Commissioning Support Unit (NHS NECS) to implement the NHS NECS Capacity Tracker tool.

The NECS Capacity Tracker tool is already live in England, enabling expedited discharge from hospitals to Residential Aged Care Facilities through the COVID-19 crisis. Every Aged Care facility (including every Aged Care Home, Community Hospital and Hospice) has been mandated by the English government to use the Capacity Tracker portal (in parallel with existing systems as necessary).

Capacity Tracker:

a) provides a single version of the truth across the country about where care home beds are available (that is visible to staff looking to discharge patients to the most appropriate setting)

b) accelerates hospital discharge and improves hospital flow

c) identifies any care homes that have staff shortages that could be quickly addressed to keep care homes open

We are looking to roll this tool out with HNECC PHN in the next fortnight and also to expand the functionality into General Practice.

Watch a video overview of Capacity Tracker below: