Thought leadership

We see a future where health systems and public services are tuned to the needs of the people they serve

Rebbeck was formed to advance the thinking and practice of healthcare and public services through commissioning. We know how advanced commissioning techniques and skills can be deployed by commissioners to improve outcomes, and we have excellent visibility across commissioning organisations where good practice is already being delivered. We challenge the status quo and advance the intellectual frontier. Read some of our thought leadership pieces below:


Good people, bad system

We believe that the national government needs to urgently communicate a national vision of integrated regional health and wellbeing systems. Australia needs a clear direction so system leaders at every level can work steadily towards a common end state.

Commissioning for a population of one

International experience tells us that where commissioning has been most successful, it has been viewed as a real time change process aimed at moving health systems towards sustainable models of care.

Commissioning is about change, not competition

We believe there is a danger in viewing commissioning from the perspective of the existing players operating the health system. When this happens, it’s very easy to make commissioning decisions based on the existing pattern of service provision and the existing financial and organisational structures.