Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN – Strategy Refresh (Queensland, Australia)

Empowering PHNs with tailored strategies to meet changing needs

The client 

The expansive Darling Downs West Moreton PHN (DDWM PHN) catchment area covers 99,000 km² and12 local government areas. Located outside the capital city of Brisbane, the region is a mix of urban, regional, rural, and remote areas. It is home to 610,000 people and is projected to grow by 20% by 2030. Communities in the region have access to two state Health and Hospital Services – Darling Downs Health and West Moreton Health.

The challenge 

Prevalent chronic conditions in the (DDWM PHN) catchment area include asthma, arthritis, osteoporosis, COPD, diabetes and heart disease that surpass the Queensland state average. This area also faces a shortage of medical practitioners compared to the QLD state average. To address these challenges and pave the way for better healthcare outcomes, the DDWM PHN Strategic Plan outlines a roadmap that articulates a vision of healthy communities with accessible healthcare.

  • In 2023, DDWMPHN began the process of updating their strategy to better meet the needs of the community as identified through local health needs research and assessments.
  • In parallel with the development of the next strategic plan, DDWM PHN also required the creation of an operational plan outlining how achieving the PHN’s strategic priorities would lead to a desired set of measurable outcomes.
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    Our impact 

    Rebbeck was engaged to develop the theory of change that would serve as the foundation for the upcoming refresh of the DDWM PHN strategic plan. Through close collaboration with the Senior Leadership Team, this joint effort resulted in a:

    • Overarching Theory of Change for the PHNs four strategic priority areas; Healthy Communities, Healthy Primary Care, Healthy Partnerships, and Healthy Organisations.
    • Detailed Operational Plan Theory of Change for each strategic priority area, facilitating the translation of both operational and strategic plans into actionable initiatives to ensure alignment between organisational activities and desired outcomes.