Hunter New England & Central Coast PHN – Developing a Digital Health Strategy (NSW, Australia)

Hunter New England & Central Coast PHN

Rebbeck developed a 5-year blueprint for Hunter New England and Central Coast PHN to implement locally relevant digital solutions

The client – HNECC is an innovative PHN

Hunter New England and Central Coast PHN (The PHN) is one of Australia’s 31 Primary Health Networks.

The PHN is responsible for addressing health needs and improving outcomes for 1.2 million people. Their region stretches from the Queensland border to Gosford, which includes rural and remote villages as well as densely populated urban centres.

The PHN works closely with two acute sector partners, Central Coast LHD and Hunter New England LHD. Each have different Information Technology infrastructures and approaches that the primary care sector seeks to integrates with.

The challenge – The PHN is looking to embed digital solutions into their local health system

The PHN is passionate about delivering locally relevant solutions that improve health outcomes. However, the communities they represent are diverse and there is widening gap in digital health maturity across primary care providers in the region.

Therefore, The PHN required a strategy that had the vision to push the innovation envelope whilst enabling less digitally able providers to catch up to the front runners in the region.

Digital Health Strategy

Our impact – Rebbeck developed a 5-year digital health blueprint

  • In partnership with Semantic Consulting, Rebbeck articulated the leading edge in digital healthcare with our thought leadership and strategy.
  • Rebbeck outlined immediate steps to build The PHN’s foundational digital health capability, such that all primary care providers would benefit from enhancements in the long-term.
  • Rebbeck set out a pragmatic 3-5 year roadmap to enhance the use and access to digital health solutions across the Hunter New England and Central Coast region