Manitoba Health Seniors and Long-Term Care – Rebalancing the Manitoba Health System Through Commissioning (Manitoba Province, Canada)​

Manitoba Health & Seniors Care

The client

Manitoba Health & Seniors Care is responsible for the healthcare of over 1.3 million people who live in a largely rural area of over 250,000 square miles. ​

The health system is a complex landscape of urban and remote rural communities and there are significant health inequities, particularly within indigenous communities. ​

The health system overspends on a year-on-year basis and its outcomes are poor by comparison with other Canadian provinces and international benchmarks

The challenge

Manitoba Health & Seniors Care appointed Rebbeck to develop a Commissioning and Accountability Model that would support a rebalancing of the Manitoban health system so that more care with better outcomes is delivered in more convenient and lower cost settings closer to home. ​

Commissioning is in its infancy in Manitoba. The challenge was to create a model that improved strategic and operational planning, system performance, financial management, citizen engagement and information management whilst building capacity and capability in core commissioning concepts.​​

The project was progressed at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenge was also to deliver a complex and multi-facetted change management program through creative use of video conferencing and remote engagement techniques.​

The impact of our work

The new Commissioning and Accountability Model was developed over a four-month period and carries the confidence of the Provincial Government, the Regional Health Authorities, wider Service Delivery Organisations and the citizens of Manitoba.​​

International best practice approaches were introduced, tested and refined to deliver a model and implementation program that can rebalance the system and advance the quadruple aims of healthcare across the Province.​​