Queensland PHNs Commissioning Excellence (Australia)

Improving the lives of Western Queensland’s remote population

The client

The seven Primary Health Networks (PHNs) in Queensland work in a highly collegiate way to improve population health outcomes and shift their health systems towards sustainable, preventative models of care.

The challenge

Understanding that healthcare commissioning is the core business of PHNs, and also recognising that this is an area of emerging capability in Australia, the Queensland PHN group went to market for a health commissioning specialist to roll out a program of commissioning training.

Rebbeck Consulting won a competitive tender to design and deliver their two-day Commissioning Excellence Foundations course across Queensland’s PHNs.

The impact of our work

Rebbeck Consulting worked closely with all seven Queensland PHNs to co-design the Commissioning Excellence Foundations course – an insightful and thought-provoking training curriculum that articulated key concepts around international good practice in commissioning while contextualising the learnings to the unique Australian environment. This course has now been delivered to over 225 PHN staff.

What participants have been saying

“Overall the best training I’ve been to in ages.”

“Informative, well thought-out, lots of resources, lots of research and Jay was a fantastic facilitator!”
“I had a serious light-bulb moment when I understood why Primary Health Network’s do things the way they do.”
“I loved the clear organisational structure, the opportunities for open communication and the fact it catered for both higher level and operational perspectives.”