Manitoba Health – Implementing a Commissioning and Accountability Management Model (Manitoba, Canada)

Laying the foundations for sustained system improvement and better health outcomes for Manitobans through improved commissioning capability and accountability

The client

Manitoba Health is a department within the Government of Manitoba responsible for overseeing health services in Manitoba, Canada. Manitoba Health strives “…to meet the health needs of individuals, families and their communities by leading a sustainable, publicly administered health system that promotes well-being and provides the right care, in the right place, at the right time.” This is accomplished by providing strategic direction and leadership to the provincial health system.

The challenge

In 2020, Manitoba’s healthcare system faced significant financial challenges due to the impact of an ageing population with increasingly complex health conditions. The existing infrastructure struggled to adapt to changing demographics, and there was a growing demand for value for money in healthcare investments.

To address these challenges, Manitoba Health contracted Rebbeck to support the development and implementation of a Commissioning and Accountability Management (CAM) model that aimed to bolster accountability and commissioning capability in Manitoba. The CAM implementation, structured as a five-year program, was designed to establish the necessary structures, capabilities, tools, and techniques for improving planning, performance, and service redesign.

Our impact

Rebbeck played a pivotal role in transforming Manitoba’s healthcare system by designing the CAM model and supporting Manitoba Health with its implementation. We provided a comprehensive change management approach that ensured the successful integration of the model into the healthcare system.

Our impact included:

  • Financial Reforms: Developed a new fiscal allocation model and introduced performance-based funding, ensuring resources were distributed based on the population’s needs, leading to improved fiscal discipline across the system.
  • Enhanced Accountability: Instituted a performance management framework and facilitated performance review process, fostering a culture of accountability and continuous improvement among service delivery organisations.
  • Strategic Alignment: Established a high-level system strategy, aligning provincial and regional plans to ensure cohesive and strategic decision-making.
  • Capacity and Culture Building: Facilitated the development of key leadership roles and coaching, enabling Manitoba Health to become an active system leader. This included the introduction of a Provincial Chief Medical Officer to drive clinical governance and transformation.
  • Sustainable Transformation: By integrating commissioning principles and leveraging international best practices, we ensured that Manitoba’s healthcare system was better equipped to deliver improved outcomes and experiences at lower costs.

Through our strategic interventions and continuous support, Rebbeck has successfully mainstreamed the CAM model, setting a foundation for sustained system improvement and better health outcomes for Manitobans.