WA Government – Supporting the Implementation of the Statewide Commissioning Strategy (Western Australia)

Developing commissioning capability across WA Government departments to support the implementation of the State Commissioning Strategy

The client

The WA Government is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for its diverse population through strategic public service delivery. The Government’s State Commissioning Strategy is a comprehensive framework aimed at transforming the delivery of community services across WA.

The strategy focuses on adopting a more strategic, outcome-focused approach to commissioning, which involves planning, funding, and managing services to achieve specific, measurable results. The goal is to ensure that services are more responsive to the needs of the community, delivering better outcomes and value for public investment.

Key elements of the strategy include building commissioning capability in government agencies, improving collaboration with service providers, and aligning services with community needs.

The challenge

The transformation under the State Commissioning Strategy requires tailored training, tools, and a strategic shift from traditional models to contemporary, outcome-focused commissioning practices.

The WA Government has collaborated with Rebbeck to build internal capabilities, develop strategic tools, and foster a shift towards more effective, trauma-informed, and community-centric service delivery models.

Rebbeck has been supporting the WA government to implement their Statewide Commissioning Strategy over the last two years, through both training and capability enhancement and end-to-end commissioning support. 


Our impact

We are proud to have trained nearly 400 WA commissioning practitioners across diverse government departments, including DoH, DoJ, DoF, Department of Communities, Education, Premier and Cabinet, Mental Health, and Treasury.

Our training and capability-building involved designing and delivering a two-day training course, a commissioning toolkit, and a self-assessment tool to assess commissioning capability, to equip WA public services staff with essential commissioning skills and resources.

We also provided specific end-to-end commissioning support to WA DoJ in their first major recommissioning program for rehabilitation and reintegration services for offenders. 

We developed a regional needs assessment through quantitative analysis and state-wide consultation with DoJ services, and contracted providers including ACCOs and Aboriginal Elders. We developed a business case for 7 years of investment to recommission contracted services and shift from a prison-centric model to a trauma-informed community rehabilitation model.

At the same time, we developed a commissioning roadmap for implementation over the next 3 years, including the plan to uplift strategic commissioning capability.

Through this, we are positioning WA’s public services to better meet the evolving needs of the community through strategic and outcome-focused commissioning approaches.