WQPHN – Commissioning Framework and PHN Strategy (Western Queensland, Australia)

Western Queensland Primary Health Network (WQPHN)

The client

As one of Australia’s 31 Primary Health Networks, Western Queensland PHN (WQPHN) is responsible for addressing health needs and improving health outcomes in its region.

Western Queensland is an extraordinarily remote region with a population of 63,000 people living across an area the size of France and Germany combined (nearly 1 million square kilometres).

People living in Western Queensland face a unique set of challenges in maintaining and accessing good healthcare including large travel distances, an ageing workforce and a need for improved integration between health service providers.

WQPHN also has the second highest Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander population in Australia with high socio-economic deprivation. WQPHN’s population therefore has high health risk factors and poor health outcomes compared with Australian and State norms.

The challenge

After its establishment as a Primary Health Network, WQPHN needed accelerated access to international commissioning skills and expertise and brought Rebbeck on board to develop their Commissioning Framework, provide a Commissioning Development Plan & support the development of their Strategic Plan.

The impact of our work

Our support to WQPHN had an immediate impact. We were able to develop a robust Commissioning Framework and embed a practical commissioning approach to upskill the WQPHN leadership team in critical commissioning skills and tools.

The team at WQPHN were able to achieve buy-in across their remote providers to a 5-Year Strategic Plan. This Strategic Plan aimed to support a comprehensive and integrated primary health care system delivering better health outcomes for the people of Western Queensland.

New provider contracts were strengthened to increase the accountability of healthcare providers in WQPHN.

A summary of the WQPHN Commissioning & Development Framework is shown below: