Assessing public service commissioning maturity

Leading public service commissioners towards international commissioning excellence

The challenge

Public service commissioners strive to deliver value-based service for the populations they serve​

They aim to reshape public service systems to focus on improving population outcomes by focusing on the quadruple aims of public service:​

The quadruple aims of public services


Improving population outcomes​

    Consumer Experience

    Improving the experience of public services for individuals

    Provider Experience

    Improving the experiences of public service providers​


    Reducing the per capita cost of public services

    Public service commissioning is how public service systems can be reshaped to improve population outcomes within available resources​​

    Whilst the concept is simple, the application is not. ​

    Commissioning knits together a sophisticated range of techniques that unite diverse stakeholders around a common purpose of improving population outcomes. Public service commissioners understand that achieving international commissioning excellence takes many years. They also recognise that their commissioning capabilities are maturing as staff gain experience through the practical application of commissioning and change management techniques.​

    What we do

    Our Commissioning Maturity Assessment guides commissioners on the journey towards international commissioning excellence​

    We systematically review commissioner strengths and development areas against internationally recognised domains of commissioning excellence.​

    Our deep-dive review of commissioner capabilities provides a clear maturity assessment for your organisation:​

    Commissioning Maturity Assessment

    Illustrative outputs from Commissioning Maturity Assessment

    .By listening to your staff and bringing our practical commissioning insights from across the globe, we produce a multi-year commissioning capability roadmap for your organisation.​

    For example, we are delighted to have supported Hunter New England and Central Coast PHN on their journey towards commissioning excellence over the past 5 years. Our support includes having run our Commissioning Maturity Assessment in both 2017 and 2020, each time providing practical commissioning improvement insights and roadmaps.​

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