Crafting strategy and plans to improve population outcomes

Developing strategies and business plans for improving population outcomes

The challenge

Successful strategies and business plans resolve the key strategic questions facing a public services system

Whilst the challenges facing all public services in the developed world have huge similarities, the key strategic questions vary in each context.​

System leaders need to understand and address the key issues, which include:

  • How much do we need to invest in specific communities and public service offerings to improve population outcomes?
  • How will we reduce unwarranted public service variation and maintain confidence in public service outcomes?
  • How will we create the financial headroom to make these investments? Where can we deliver better public services at lower cost?
  • How can we drive better performance from public services using information technologies?
  • How do we ‘turn off’ and decommission public services that are neither efficient nor effective?

Strategies and business plans must explain how population outcomes will be improved

There is a risk that system leaders focus strategies and business plans on internal themes around structures, re-organisation and processes.

It is dangerous to assume that improving population outcomes is a continuous and cyclical process that will ‘look after itself’.

Organisation strategies should articulate a compelling vision and a practical roadmap that connects with the overall system strategy

There is also danger in disconnecting business plans and priorities of individual managerial departments from the overall strategy of the public service system and the performance improvements that are expected by policymakers and taxpayers.

Strategies need to demonstrate an honest assessment of the ‘status quo’ that explains a motivating ‘case for change’.

They need to articulate a compelling vision and a practical blueprint for the public services. This needs to address the anticipated demands and inequities of the community you serve.

What we do

We use advanced diagnostics to discover the underlying strategic problems facing your public service system​

We use innovative and bespoke approaches for discovering the underlying strategic questions and hidden barriers that threaten a higher-performing system. Using a combination of advanced population and system diagnostics, we enable system leaders to focus on the key issues in the ‘too difficult drawer’.

We work with you to develop strategies that resonate with your communities

We work with you to develop strategies that resonate with your communities
We help system leaders to focus on the most pressing strategic issues facing their organisations and systems.

Resolving these critical issues provides the best means of building confidence, accelerating beneficial change and providing tangible improvements in population outcomes.

We help you develop confident and imaginative business plans that cascade across the organisation

We help you develop business plans that provide the means for honest and continuous dialogue with populations and communities about the vision for public service improvement.

We also use established best practice techniques for developing strategies that are deployed through a cascade of business plans and performance scorecards that align to individual and team objectives.

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