Guiding change leaders to reform public service systems

Balancing public service systems for improved performance and outcomes

The challenge

Today’s public service systems are a function of history not need

Today’s public service systems are characterised by a ‘patchwork quilt’ of service provision that has evolved out of the needs of the post-war era. Public service systems have more to do with legacy and history than the demands placed on them by today’s populations.


Change leaders require more creative responses to improve population outcomes

Change leaders need to re-imagine the potential of their public service systems. They need to develop a clear public services system blueprint explaining how to improve population outcomes. Population needs and inequities must be addressed with more creative responses.

Technological advances can all support a radical transition to a more effective public services system.


Leaders must form ‘coalitions of change’ that carry the confidence of the populations they serve

However, even if system leaders agree on a more radical and affordable blueprint, how can they build a ‘guiding coalition for change’ that carries the confidence of citizens, consumers, public service professionals and politicians?

Only by coupling advanced commissioning techniques with a deep understanding of the potential for service improvement can leaders construct confident and achievable change programs.


It’s less about top-down transformation and more about consumer empowered change

It is less about large scale, high risk, multi-year, top-down transformation.

It is more about consumer empowered and carefully sequenced change management programs that progressively ‘tune’ the system towards an affordable system blueprint.

What we do

We guide system leaders to deliver public services in more appropriate settings

We guide system leaders to re-imagine public service systems and develop achievable blueprints for change.

We explain how public services can be provided in different settings and how appropriate investment in technology will underpin multi-disciplinary integrated public service pathways. 

We facilitate strategies for public service management that deliver better outcomes at lower cost.

We support systems to initiate medium-term change in parallel with ‘quick wins’ based on proven system reform techniques.

We establish the underpinning of public and consumer engagement, financial, workforce, digital and communications strategies.

We deploy robust program management arrangements to track progress and maintain confidence across system leaders. This is achieved by developing a ‘guiding coalition for change’ supported by insights from system-wide performance dashboards.

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