Improving public service performance

Meaningfully engaging with communities and public service professionals to design new public services

The challenge

There is a constant challenge for public service leaders to increase performance and reduce waste, inefficiency and sub-optimal outcomes

Across the globe, developed public service systems have discovered good practice in driving continuous improvement across public service systems using combinations of disciplines surrounding strategic leadership, advanced analytics, and change management.

Collectively, system leaders can use data modelling to identify areas of improvement

Data modelling can identify bottlenecks in the system, where inefficient delivery of public services is limiting population outcomes.

But understanding where inefficiency and waste is occurring is the easy bit.

Public service leaders and executives can embed a culture of continuous improvement where opportunities are identified, leading to tangible improvements in consumer and system outcomes.

High performing public service systems use the full range of change levers to drive improved outcomes

This incudes consumer dialogue, public service professional engagement, service improvement, cost reduction and decommissioning.

High performing public service systems also ensure there is a good alignment of organisational goals, good visibility of benchmarking information and clear performance indicators that lead to observed improvement trajectories

What we do

We help public service system leaders be ambitious in improving the lives of the populations they serve

We use advanced analytics to construct an outcomes framework based on performance indicators and metrics that align to the priorities and strategic blueprint of the public service system.

Where appropriate, we can challenge the ambition of public service systems using benchmarks drawn from international exemplars.

We work with leaders to introduce appropriate tools and methodologies for utilisation management, performance dashboards, system modelling and clinical variation.

We support public service leaders to manage change and develop a culture of performance improvement

Building on the tools and analytics, we work with public service leaders to address performance improvement processes using a wide range of organisational development techniques coupled with change management.

Our aim is to support the evolution of a performance culture where there is collective accountability for identifying improvement opportunities.

This determines the optimum intervention strategy for realising benefits and systematically seizing the marginal gains in performance that will make a difference to individual outcomes.

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