Public service commissioning training and development

Equipping commissioners with the mindset, knowledge and techniques for success

The challenge

Public service commissioning is misunderstood

Commissioning is a widely misunderstood term and is often mistakenly recognised as either a procurement process or a set of fragmented and disconnected bureaucratic disciplines.

Across the globe, public service systems in developed countries seek to drive better outcomes, improve consumer experiences and improve professional meaning within increasing financial constraints.

Supply factors impact public service systems

Public service systems are impacted by ‘supply factors’ – the need to deliver more efficient and effective service pathways. This involves exploiting technological efficiencies and reducing the variation in service delivery.

Demand factors further impact public service systems

Perhaps more importantly, public service systems are impacted by ‘demand’ factors. This involves understanding the demands being placed upon the system as well as reducing risks and inequities. Commissioners need to ensure that demand can be met by the most appropriate public services response.

Professionalising the art and science of commissioning will improve outcomes

Commissioning is the means by which care can be delivered in the right place, at the right time to deliver the right outcomes. Commissioning is a complex discipline and one that requires combinations of art and science. Most public service managers in commissioning roles have not been trained to seize the opportunities demonstrated by high performing public service systems across the globe.

Professionalising the art and science of commissioning delivers significant benefits to the public service system. As a result public services can improve outcomes for the people that they serve.

onWhat we do

Commissioning Academy

Our Commissioning Academy provides a comprehensive curriculum for improving skills and introducing practical tools for progressing the Quintuple Aims of Public Services in developed public service systems.

It equips public service executives with the key principles, rationale, knowledge, tools and confidence to apply commissioning techniques. This empowers commissioners to identify opportunities for service improvement, system reform and improving outcomes. The topics we cover include:

    1. Commissioning foundations
    2. Outcome-based commissioning
    3. Population needs assessment
    4. Strategy
    5. Prioritise and plan
    6. Logic modelling
    7. Co-design
    8. Enhance
    9. Procure
    10. Monitor and evaluate

Commissioning curriculum development

We tailor commissioning capability improvement programs that enable us to train system leaders and managers in bespoke commissioning curricula that target commissioning skills to local challenges.

Commissioning coaching and mentoring

We provide one-to-one coaching and mentoring to commissioning leaders to navigate the complex decisions required to deliver high performing public services. 

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