Rebbeck Academy

Advanced Commissioning Excellence

About the course

This course is designed to equip PHNs with the skills to practically implement value-based commissioning by applying logic models to drive meaningful outcomes. This course focuses on the core concepts and techniques of value-based commissioning. Participants will learn how to build precision logic models focused on meaningful outcomes and they will identify practical actions to accelerate their projects and programs towards a mature approach to commissioning for outcomes and value.

All our Rebbeck Academy courses are run online via Zoom. We use breakout rooms and Miro Board to facilitate group discussions.



  • What is commissioning?
  • The key concepts to commission for outcomes
  • The what, why and when of logic modelling
  • How to practically apply logic modelling
  • Measuring and Driving Outcomes

Learning objectives:

  • To explore the key concepts and techniques required to implement value-based commissioning
  • To examine how to build logic models focused on the outcomes that matter most to people and communities
  • To give participants practical experience of how to develop logic models
  • To explain how logic models build on HNAs and support co-design, procurement, monitoring and evaluation

AUD$970 (ex. GST) per participant. PHNs with more than 5 team members attending will receive a 5% discount to encourage a shared learning experience.

2x half days of facilitated learning across 2 weeks

Interactive breakout discussions with shared learnings across PHNs nationally

5% discount for PHNs sending 5 or more staff to promote a shared learning experience