Rebbeck is excited to announce our partnership with DCI Consulting Group, experts in healthcare data analytics, to support PHNs in your upcoming health needs assessments.

We understand the critical role of PHN HNAs:
  • PHNs have a responsibility to communicate accessible, accurate information about the health needs of the communities they serve, and how they are addressing these needs through the services they commission.
  • HNAs support decision-making and proactive service planning, and facilitate service providers’ understanding of the populations they serve.
  • Providing accessible and digestible information supports PHNs in building trusted relationships with services, providers, consumers and the community.
  • HNAs must be appropriately pitched to prevent stereotypes and deficit-focused narratives from being reinforced.
Rebbeck has extensive experience supporting PHNs with their HNAs
After Hours Health Needs Assessment with Eastern Melbourne PHN (EMPHN)

EMPHN needed to understand the region’s after-hours health needs and service landscape to support decision-making and proactive service planning. Rebbeck conducted extensive data analysis, reviewed relevant literature, and engaged with priority community groups, patient cohorts, and service providers. This resulted in a comprehensive after-hours health needs assessment, which will guide EMPHN in shaping future commissioning decisions. Rebbeck also supported EMPHN in developing a visually engaging, succinct, ‘web-ready’ report summarising the findings of the after-hours needs assessment, tailored for a community audience.

Introducing Dr Amy Vassallo, our Evaluation and Insights Lead

Amy is an experienced public health researcher and leads our Insights and Impact services. She has expertise generating, synthesising and evaluating evidence for population health needs and interventions. She has authored 37 peer-reviewed publications, as well as national reports, clinical guidelines and technical advice to government. Amy has also delivered a range of strategy, analytics and evaluation-focused projects with health, research and government clients.

Amy is an Honorary Research Fellow with the Sydney School of Public Health University of Sydney and the George Institute for Global Health and sits on national and global health equity advisory committees.

Rebbeck and DCI Consulting offer HNA support with a difference:
  • Methodologies that balance rigour with practical recommendations
  • Content expertise in epidemiology, health equity, and commissioning
  • An emphasis on communication of findings with context and prioritised recommendations
There are three ways we can support you in delivering your 2024 HNA:
  1. End-to-end planning and delivery of your HNA, including project management, quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, prioritisation, and write-up
  2. Technical and methodological advice on discrete components of your HNA
  3. Report writing for submission to Commonwealth or community-focused summaries of the key findings and actions.
To discuss how Rebbeck can best support you, please reach out to Dr Amy Vassallo, Insight and Impact Lead, at