This year’s PHN Commissioning Showcase was a fantastic opportunity for Primary Health Networks to showcase the great commissioning work PHN’s have been doing nationwide whilst exploring the practical application of Outcomes Based Commissioning and Co-design.

The event was designed and facilitated by HNECC, South Eastern NSW PHN, Sydney North PHN, South Western Sydney PHN supported by Rebbeck Consulting.

The feedback from the event was exceptional – 100% of attendees would recommend the event to a colleague and 97% of participants described the event as excellent or very good.

This excellent video, pulled together by Scott White and the team at HNECC, summarises the key event highlights.

Presentations from the event are available here.


Huge thanks to the following people who all contributed to making the event such a success:

Luke Russell, Richard Nankervis (HNECC), Lynelle Hales (Sydney North PHN), Andrew Coe (Coordinare),  Emma Whitehead (Central Queensland Wide Bay & Central Coast PHN), Mitchell Cootes (HNECC), Maria Yap (Eastern Melbourne PHN), Catherine Turner (HNECC), Amy Prince (South Western Sydney PHN), Bradley Palmer (Northern Territory PHN), Phil Munro / Britt Haddy (Western NSW PHN), Scott White (HNECC), Amanda Martin (HNECC), David Grant (Sydney North PHN), Chris Jones (South Western Sydney PHN), Michelle Smith (Brisbane North PHN), Libby Carr (Gold Coast PHN), Paul Martin (Brisbane North PHN), Jane Mendelson (HNECC), Michelle Roberts (South Western Sydney PHN), John Manton (HNECC), Patricia Knight (Coordinare), Luke Arnold (South Western Sydney PHN), Melissa Boucher (HNECC), Lisa McFayden (HNECC), Derek Felton (Rebbeck Consulting), Jay Rebbeck (Rebbeck Consulting), Amy Biggins (Rebbeck Consulting).