Sparkling waters and glimpses of whales off the Newcastle coastline welcomed participants representing 22 PHNs from around Australia at the 2019 PHN Commissioning Showcase. On the 28th and 29th August, over 100 people came together at the Merewether Surfhouse for this sold out event.

Event Purpose
Sharing national and international commissioning insights and supporting networking across PHNs.

Event Organisers
The 2019 PHN Commissioning Showcase was co-hosted by eight PHNs from NSW and supported by Rebbeck Consulting.

Event Focus

This year the focus was on:

  1. Outcomes Based Commissioning (Day 1)
  2. Evaluation (Day 1)
  3. Health Intelligence (Day 2)
  4. System Leadership and Co-design (Day 2)

Event Feedback

100% of participants would recommend the event to a colleague and here is some of the feedback we received about the event:

‘Extraordinary insights’

‘The keynote presenters were excellent and also networking.’

‘The NHS experience, the fabulous sharing, the amazing people I got to meet.’

‘The overall diversity was excellent. Having Aboriginal presenters and cultural content was outstanding.’

‘Broad range of practical examples, Local to national approaches. NHS NECS presentations on more matured commissioning experience.’

‘Well structured agenda, covering the all the burning topics that PHNs really need to hear about.’

‘Broad and good content and opportunity for panel response to questions from the floor.’

Keynote Speakers

This year the focus was on Outcomes Based Commissioning, Evaluation, Health Intelligence and System Leadership and Co-design and our keynote speakers delivered insightful and thought provoking presentations.

Our keynote speakers were:

Stephen Childs – Managing Director, NHS North of England Commissioning Support Unit (NECS)

Stephen has had a career in the health industry spanning decades and has led a number of health and social care organisations. He is currently Managing Director of one of England’s leading Commissioning Support Units employing over 1400 experienced conditioners. In this role he has been instrumental in the turnaround of a failing health system in Cumbria turning this integrated care system into one of the most prominent and leading ICS in the NHS.

Alison Verhoeven – Chief Executive, Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association

Ms Verhoeven has broad experience in health, education, corporate governance and communications. She has worked in both but the private and public sector is in Australia and the Asia Pacific region and Europe.

Evie Cuthbertson – Evaluation Lead, Grosvenor Performance Group

Evie Is a seasoned evaluation consultant with over 20 years of experience in designing and delivering a range of evaluation projects which have related right across the program cycle and varied from fast formative reviews to complex multi-year evaluations. She has worked with a diverse mix of clients and sectors including federal and state departments and agencies as well as not for profits.

Jay Rebbeck – Managing Director, Rebbeck

Jay is an international commissioning thought-leader with extensive experience and insights advising on primary healthcare commissioning reforms in both the United Kingdom and Australia. He is the Managing Director of Rebbeck Consulting, a healthcare consultancy focused on primary health commissioning and whole health system reform.

Congratulations to our award winners as chosen by the attendees:


This was a tie!

  • Lucille Chalmers, Brisbane South PHN – A Collaborative Journey in Outcomes Contracting
  • Julie Sturgess & Warren Burgess, North Coast PHN – North Coast Collective – Strong Partnerships, Shared Investment, Better Lives


  • Dr Carl de Wet, Gold Coast PHN – Primary Sense – GCPHN’s Population Health Management Tool


  • Renee Barrett, Northern Territory PHN: ‘Strengthening our Spirits’

PHN Presentations

Presenters from 11 PHNs delivered presentations based on their experience in:

  • Outcomes Based Commissioning (Day 1)
  • Evaluation (Day 1)
  • Health Intelligence (Day 2)
  • System Leadership and Co-Design (Day 2)

We thank all our presenters for the incredibly high quality of their presentations:

  • A Collaborative Journey in Outcomes Contracting – Lucille Chalmers, Brisbane South PHN
  • North Coast Collective – Strong Partnerships, Shared Investment, Better Lives – Julie Sturgess & Warren Burgess, North Coast PHN
  • Data Visualisations – a Buy-in Tool to Improve Service Provider Readiness for Outcomes Based Commissioning – Luke Arnold, South Western Sydney PHN
  • Value Based Commissioning – the Primary Health Tasmania Journey – Mark Broxton, Tasmanian PHN
  • When Evaluation Leads to Decommissioning – Catherine Turner, HNECC
  • Using the Quadruple Aims to Build in KPIs and Continuous Improvements – Kahli Mason, Sydney North Health Network
  • Measuring Performance & Outcomes – Data Driven Quality Improvement – Shahna Ferdousi, WentWest
  • Supporting Outcomes Based Commissioning – David Whitrow, Murray PHN
  • Primary Sense – GCPHN’s Population Health Management Tool – Dr Carl de Wet, Gold Coast PHN
  • Exploring Digital Health Approaches to Improve Access & Supporting Care Delivery – Eric Dunn, Sydney North Health Network
  • Aboriginal Health in General Practice – John Manton & Toni Manton, HNECC
  • Transition from PIR/PHaMS to NPSM – Philip Williams, Gold Coast PHN
  • Delivering on the Promise of Co-design – Lucille Chalmers, Brisbane South PHN
  • Healing Foundation Project – Brad Webb, HNECC
  • Co-designing a Procurement Toolkit – Martin Milne, Brisbane North PHN
  • Clinical Governance Framework – Chris Keyes, Central and Eastern Sydney PHN

PHN Posters

  • Susan Rice, Eastern Melbourne PHN: A System Disruptor: Implementing Innovative After Hours Healthcare
  • Mitch Cootes & Toni Manton, HNECC: Patient Reported Measures Implementation in ITC
  • Saumya Raman, Sydney North Health Network: General Practice Data Linkage Project
  • Renee Barrett, Northern Territory PHN: ‘Strengthening our Spirits’
  • Jesse Osowicki, NW Melbourne PHN: Co-design for Social Connectedness


Carefully chosen sponsors participated in a World Café style session on Day 2 of the Showcase. Each sponsor set up a stand where they could demonstrate their software and ‘pitch’ to attendees who were rotating around the six sponsors in 10 minute intervals. It was a little hectic but that didn’t dampen everyone’s enthusiasm!

A huge thank you to our sponsors:


Take action to assist development of your planning and health commissioning.

The Anshu platform off ers diagnostic, deep dive and pulse surveys with powerful analytics and key results for identifying service gaps and planning requirements in the primary health sector. Take snapshots at granular and local levels as well as high-level regional or national surveys.

Capture up-to-date information for planning, practice workforce analysis, and health commissioning; or accurately cross check and update your CRMs. Gain insights into the current health workforce, pain points, perceptions, and service gaps across diseases, conditions, mental health, physical health; and coordination with the hospital sector. The Anshu platform is fit-for-purpose for PHNs, general practice, pharmacies, dentistry, mental health and aged care, among other areas of primary health, including NGOs.

Create reports quickly or export the survey data to your own software. Data collected can also be exported to the National Health Services Directory (NHSD) and other directories, providing it meets permissions protocols regarding identified or de-identified data. The Anshu platform is based on the deep experience of providing consent-driven GP census and practice census surveys to many thousands of GPs and practices across Australia perennially over a period of eight years, and recent software updates and methodologies developed since 2017.


Cemplicity is the world leader in patient reporting software.

We are passionate believers that technology can transform the way that health and social services work, to create better outcomes for patients and drive greater efficiencies for health providers.

Our platform is used by the world’s most experienced and respected health organisations, across primary, secondary, tertiary and community settings, in partnership with Governments, providers and sector experts. From our beginnings in 2013, we now work with 2,500 health facilities across four countries and over 2 million patients have participated in our programmes.


CFS Australasia is an Australian based company that has successfully implemented and supported Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) solutions across the Australian healthcare landscape for more than ten years and provides a range of Hardware and Cloud-based Business Improvement and Decision Support Tools tailored to the Healthcare Industry.

From Real-time, Fully-Integrated Patient and Staff Experience Feedback Systems that incorporate Case Management and Qualitative Text / Thematic Analysis to Cost Effective Auditing and Compliance Assurance Tools to Physical and Virtual Queue Management, Cost-Effective ED Triaging Systems, Energy Demand Management and Efficiency Devices and Bespoke Operations Measurement / Improvement Solutions that leverage the Internet of Things, CFS truly does it all!

Our systems are used in more than 1500 Australian healthcare facilities Nationwide and are supported by a friendly, passionate team based in the leafy suburb of Thornleigh in Sydney. For further information on CFS and our suite of integrated systems and solutions, please pop by our stand while you are at the conference or visit us at and


Folio is a contracts and risk management software that is used by 13 PHNs. The Folio solution enables PHN’s to manage contracts with service providers from procurement plan and contract approval through to contract execution and digital signing via DocuSign. Folio integrates with Finance and CRM systems and Business Intelligence tools to ensure that there is a single source of truth across an Organisation’s systems. The Service Provider portal enables Service Providers to lodge reports and manage credentials such as licenses, insurance and accreditations. Service Providers can also view a dashboard of their performance to target and can download past reports. Folio manages obligations that arise from funding contracts and other types of contracts such as lease agreements, supplier contracts, consulting agreements, confidentiality agreements and more.

Folio also enables organisations to transform risk management from an infrequent exercise to an embedded business process. Folio delivers real value for boards, management and operational teams by replacing spreadsheets and other systems to effectively manage risk, compliance, incidents, audits & contracts. Folio is quick to implement, cost effective and is engaging for your teams to use. The configurable workflows, notifications and custom reports that arrive in your inbox when you need them ensure that key dates and milestones are monitored. With Folio, absolutely nothing is missed.

For more information or a demo, please contact, Ian Hunter, Health Lead on or call (02) 9699 3295


Established in 1994, illion TenderLink is Australasia’s leading provider of web-based e-Procurement solutions, subscription-based tender notification services, and tender response training.
Looking to overhaul your manual, inefficient and risk-prone procurement processes? Join over 600 leading organisations in the government, public and private sectors who use illion TenderLink’s specialised e-Procurement system. Covering the complete cycle from notice advertising through to close, evaluation and award, our e-Procurement software will streamline your procurement processes, reduce costs and embed probity.
Looking for more business? We monitor thousands of print and web sources daily, delivering over 40,000 open tenders, quotes and contract opportunities to inboxes each year. Our subscriptions range from one region to national or Trans-Tasman coverage, across 946 industry categories, costing from around $3 a day. Simple and effective.
Looking to improve your company’s tender win-rates? Whether you’re new to the game or a practised professional, our BidPro tendering workshops will give you the tools and techniques to win more tenders, more easily.

For further information call 1800 233 533 Australia, 0800 698 363 New Zealand.


North of England Commissioning Support (NECS) is an NHS organisation working across the UK providing commissioning and care system support services to our health and social care customers. We help them meet their strategic and operational challenges, improve outcomes for patients, give patients a better experience of care, enhance the clinician experience and drive better value for money. In other words – deliver the Quadruple Aims.
NECS operates as a shadow community interest company which is owned by its Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS England customers. By setting the strategic direction of NECS, signing off its sales strategy and agreeing its investment priorities the Customer Directors are essentially determining how NECS will support the development of their integrated care systems. To this end, NECS is recognised as being a ‘strategic partner’ as well as supplier of managed services, consultancy, digital applications and health intelligence. NECS aspires to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the needs of a developing integrated care system with expertise in digital care, population health management, clinical service reform, service re-configuration, prevention and leadership development.
A unique feature of NECS has been the co-production with clinicians, public health professionals and commissioners of our health intelligence service, at the heart of which is our market leading intelligence tool, RAIDR.
RAIDR is increasingly being used to drive population health management programmes, reporting at multiple levels (from individual General Practice up to Integrated Care System population) with a wide range of functionality: from patient risk stratification to population segmentation.

For more information visit or follow them on twitter and Facebook @NHSnecs