As my two-month internship at Rebbeck comes to an end, I am taking the opportunity to reflect on what has been a period of exciting, challenging and rewarding work.

While it is difficult to condense all my experiences into a short blog post, I’ve picked out a few things that strongly resonated with me about my internship at Rebbeck.

My work directly contributed to improving health outcomes

From my very first day, I engaged in meaningful work that helped organisations improve health outcomes for the communities they serve. Being involved in rewarding projects was my primary motivation to apply for an internship at Rebbeck, and my 2-month experience did not disappoint.

On my first day, I joined a team tasked to develop a carer engagement framework for an Australian mental health services provider. Through our research, we built a strategy that enabled the client to better support carers and families of people with mental health conditions.

Approximately 1 in every 5 Australians has a mental or behavioural health condition. Therefore, my involvement in this project was empowering. It was clear from the outset that our work had the potential to impact the lives of many Australians.

The most memorable part of this project was the opportunity to participate in focus group interviews with mental health carers. Engaging with carers was incredibly meaningful because we heard their first-hand experiences caring for people with mental health conditions. Interacting with the people our work supported filled me with joy and reinforced the rewarding nature of creating social impact.

Through this experience, I quickly learned that a desire to improve health and social outcomes fuels the beating heart of Rebbeck’s culture. In all the projects I was involved in, I was inspired by the team’s unwavering commitment to this mission.

I engaged in intellectually challenging research and thinking

Another exciting project was preparing live COVID-19 status briefings for one of Rebbeck’s clients. Here, I synthesised my research into the state of COVID-19 cases, government policy, and the vaccine rollout to develop a compelling presentation.

This experience allowed me to engage with a pressing, dynamic and complex topic. I particularly enjoyed stretching myself analytically by sifting through public health advice, government briefings, and published data to identify trends and insights. I even had the opportunity to write a few thought leadership articles that the team posted on the Rebbeck blog page! Check them out here:

The most rewarding part of working on intellectually stimulating projects such as this one was the opportunity to express and defend my opinions in team discussions. Whether I presented my analysis or shared my thoughts on communicating a complex idea more effectively, my contributions were always equally valued as any other team member.

I will forever be grateful for this opportunity to engage in intellectually stimulating discussions with healthcare and management consulting experts. As an undergraduate student interested in this intersection, my internship at Rebbeck accelerated my learning.

From day one, I felt at home in a welcoming and vibrant team

Trying something new can be a daunting experience. However, being immersed in a supportive and friendly team gave me the confidence to try new things and make the most of my time at Rebbeck.
Thank you, Jay Rebbeck, Neil Deacon, Amy Biggins, Jacquelynn Chong and Arytha Cervania, for welcoming me with open arms as a member of the Rebbeck family. Every day, I am inspired by the energy, passion and talent you put into your work. It has been an absolute privilege to learn from you, work with you, and get to know you over the last two months.

If you are passionate about working in an intellectually stimulating environment, making a positive difference, and joining a vibrant community, you will find a home at Rebbeck.

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